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Raising awareness & funds for young women age 40 and under in Nebraska.

While uncommon, breast cancer does affect women under the age of 40 and there is little communication and educational material for these women. Breast cancer is dramatic for any woman, but younger women face a variety of different challenges.

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Each year Pink Bandana gives financial gifts to young women and their families battling breast cancer.

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Every year Pink Bandana helps a graduating high school student go to college by sponsoring a $4,000 college scholarship.

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Our Recipients

Rosey Lockwood (2018)
8 June 2018

Rosey Lockwood, 32, and her husband Shawn have two children: Mason, 5, and Chloe, 4. Friends describe her as a loving, caring, strong passionate person who always cares for others before herself. Shawn has stuck by her side, and pushed her when she wanted to give up during her treatments. Rosey’s life came crashing down …

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Michelle Bulau (2018)
8 June 2018

Michelle Bulau, 33, is a wife, mother, nurse, purpose seeking, breast cancer survivor. Michelle lives in O’Neill with her husband of nine years, Luke, their five children Lily (7), Jack (6), Emma (4), Ellie (2), Hatti (2) and their 115 lb St. Bernard, Bernie. Michelle was diagnosed with Stage IIIB metastatic breast cancer in February …

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