Becky Rabel (2018)

Categories: Mud Volleyball Recipients, Past Recipients

Becky Rabel, 37, and her husband, Justin, have 2 adorable kids; Breelle is 8 and Brenton is 5. This year during the volleyball tournament Justin and Becky will be celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary!

Becky was initially diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in September of 2014 after finding a lump at home during a self-exam. At that time she underwent 6 rounds of chemotherapy, followed by a bilateral mastectomy. In September of 2017 she had a biopsy done of another lump she had found. While awaiting these results she was hospitalized with 2 compression fractures in her low back. Becky had back surgery, followed by radiation, and is now undergoing chemotherapy infusions every 3 weeks. She has been so blessed throughout this journey, has met some amazing people and learned that she has the best support group around! Her faith and her support group have been what have kept her grounded and allowed her to keep my sense of humor. Becky is still working, although doing reduced hours, as an RN at Bryan Medical Center in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.