What to Expect on Tourney Day

The Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament isn’t just about mud volleyball, it’s more like  a festival. While you’re waiting to play you can be hanging out with your friends, listening (or dancing) to the DJ or bands, or play some of our giant games, like giant ladder ball.

Our hope is you won’t remember the winner, but you will remember the fun times you had in a small town and the huge difference you made in someone’s life. Winners of the tournament simply get a championship t-shirt. There is no money, no trophy – it’s about helping people, plain and simple.

Our pits are really more dirty water then mud. We do this to keep everyone safe. But will you get dirty? Oh yes, you will, but don’t worry – we have showers.

What To Bring

We suggest bringing a cooler of your favorite beverages, water and snacks. Beer (cans only) is allowed.

The Wild Ride Bar, Quick Shop and Kolache Korner Café in Prague can supply you with what you need. Downtown Prague is a short walk from the grounds. Just don’t miss your next game. Some local groups will also be selling concessions like hamburgers and hot dogs all day. We hope you will take the opportunity to support the town that is supporting this tournament.

Camping is also welcomed. If you’d like to bring a tent, feel free to camp out the night before. There is usually a street dance in Prague on Friday night, weather permitting. We do not allow open flames in the pit area. Campers are allowed, but must be brought in by Friday afternoon. There are no hook-ups for campers, so be prepared. Security will be there the entire evening, but we are not responsible for any losses.

Another item to add to your checklist is a pop-up canopy. Camping chairs and lawn chairs are also highly recommended. Due to the number of people at the event we don’t have a lot of parking in the tournament area, so be prepared to haul your stuff. Sunscreen, water and other necessities like that should be brought with you. Bring whatever is going to make your day more enjoyable.

Finally, this event is all about helping people, and we are all friends here. Please respect others and if something comes up, turn the other cheek. We have plenty of security, but we want everyone to have fun and get along. We don’t tolerate any fighting. Those who fight will be escorted from the premises and banned from the tournament

Those are the basics of what to expect. Hopefully we’ll see you there!