Michelle Bulau (2018)

Categories: Mud Volleyball Recipients, Past Recipients

Michelle Bulau, 33, is a wife, mother, nurse, purpose seeking, breast cancer survivor. Michelle lives in O’Neill with her husband of nine years, Luke, their five children Lily (7), Jack (6), Emma (4), Ellie (2), Hatti (2) and their 115 lb St. Bernard, Bernie. Michelle was diagnosed with Stage IIIB metastatic breast cancer in February 2017. She initially underwent 8 rounds of chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy with lymph node dissection, 25 rounds of radiation followed by an additional 18 weeks of chemotherapy. Michelle works full time as a surgical nurse by day and fills the remaining hours of her day spending time at her children’s activities including gymnastics, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball and swimming! Michelle is grateful for the past year of ups and downs because it has strengthened her faith in God and has brought some of the most beautiful and genuine people into her life. She asks that everyone keep praying for all cancer patients, both past and present!